Welcome to Parenthood

1793530186Parenting is the most rewarding thing you can do, but it changes everything.

So much is different since you had your child. You miss the relationship with your partner and friends, but also “the old you.”

You used to be so confident in your decisions, but now that you’re responsible for another human, you second-guess everything. People give advice, both solicited and otherwise, and it’s unclear which to follow and which to ignore.

There are new challenges at each new developmental stage and milestone, but over time you gain a sense of cautious optimism and confidence in your parenting.

Then just when you get the hang of it, things change again.

Childhood was one thing, but having a teenager is something else entirely.

Your loving, sweet, compliant baby has been replaced by a hormone-addled young adult who challenges, tests, and questions everything you say.

Now, you have trouble even recognizing that infant who depended on you for their entire existence. It’s like there’s a stranger in your house who eats all your food and thinks you’re a jerk.

1374932396Let’s find a better way forward.

Utilizing evidence-based practices, we can help identify family power struggles and learn practical communication skills which foster and protect your child’s autonomy and independence.

By shifting your parental language to emphasize positives rather than negatives, you can express yourself in a way that kids can actually hear.

It’s time to unravel the guilt and stress so you can ease into parenting with confidence and calm.

You can make this journey, and we can help! Reach out today!