Postpartum Depression

2038530002You knew that having an infant would be difficult.

Everyone told you about the middle-of-the-night feedings, the sleep deprivation, and the endless contradictory information about what’s best for your baby. You knew all that was coming.

But, what no one prepared you for was the overwhelming emotional turmoil that would accompany this new stage of life.

Now you’re asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” “I should be happy, so why do I feel so sad?” “Is it hormones?” “Is it depression?” “Is this what they call the baby blues?”

If only you could make some sense of what’s going on.

Feeling this conflicted and confused is frightening, but acknowledging it by saying it out loud feels impossible.

However, this is a common experience that many women struggle with. And for good reason.

Everything has changed in such a short period – you look different, you feel different, you’re wracked with guilt that you feel this way, and the fear of inadequacy plagues you constantly.

You are not alone!

Expressing your scary thoughts out loud does not mean you’re a bad mom. In fact, having a safe space to say what you’re feeling without judgment can be liberating and cathartic.

Here at HCW, we partner with you as you share your hopes and fears and learn to manage your thoughts and emotions with greater ease.

As you begin to understand and normalize critical concepts and common struggles of motherhood, you’ll soon rediscover a better way to live.

Don’t suffer alone any longer; call us today.