Relationship Therapy for One

2305929755You’re in a relationship, but you still feel alone.

That happily-ever-after you’ve longed for seems more distant than ever. You watch romcoms, see couples on TV, and wonder why they are so much happier than you.

So you begin subtly trying to mold your partner into someone closer to your imagined ideal.

Of course, your attempts are met with only resistance and resentment and end up driving you farther apart.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where things went wrong.

To the outside world, you appear to be the perfect couple. People always remark on how great your relationship is.

But the truth is, you feel trapped by expectations. And the obligations to your finances, your children, and the community at large seem intractable.

You wish that you could communicate with your partner and explain precisely how you’re feeling, but you’re scared of being brushed off, rejected, or pushing them away.

Let us help you make sense of your struggles.

We can work together to figure out where things went awry and guide you back on track.

Even if your partner is unwilling or unable to join us, therapy can still benefit your relationship enormously.

It’s time to identify your fears, needs, strengths, and expectations so you can start to feel more connected and less alone.