BIPOC Individuals

306587402You want to reach out for help but don’t know how.

Finding mental health support is never easy, but it’s even more challenging for a person of color.

So many barriers prevent you from accessing the help you desperately need.

There’s the stigma within the community about mental health, a lack of access and resources, and not to mention possible discrimination and biases from mental health providers.

It’s so tough to find someone you can identify with.

There’s woefully little diverse representation in mental health services, which can lead to distrust and lack of transparency due to fear of being misunderstood.

These hurdles reinforce feelings of isolation and disconnection, which only exacerbate your anxiety and depression.

Feeling seen and acknowledged by your therapist allows you to develop trust, which creates a more positive experience.

We see you!

Here at HCW, you will be partnered with a therapist who gets it and takes pride in having cultural humility.

We prioritize fostering a more equitable and inclusive environment to help with mental health disparities, historical and intergenerational trauma, and ongoing systemic racism.

Don’t let past frustration, confusion, and disappointment prevent you from finding the help you deserve from someone who truly understands.

Call us now.