Couples Therapy

1740152579You thought this was supposed to be it.

Falling in love and finding your life partner means you should be happy and content; right?

“Sure, there will be hard times,” you tell yourself, “But love will conquer all, and we can get through anything together.”

Everything from here was supposed to be happily ever after.

But something is wrong.

You still love this person, but somewhere along the way, things all changed.

Now you’re constantly tired and bickering all the time. Everything annoys you, and you don’t feel heard or appreciated.

Intimacy has disappeared, and all your attempts at repairing things just lead to more hurt and resentment.

We can help you move forward.

You don’t have to keep struggling in vain and repeating the same patterns of resentment, defensiveness, and miscommunication.

We provide a safe and welcoming environment where you can identify your needs, create realistic relationship goals, and rediscover the common ground you share.

Soon, you’ll realize that you’ve been on the same page all along, but you just couldn’t see it with all those negative emotions standing in the way.