Anxiety & Depression

638053987Is it anxiety or depression? Or both? How do I tell the difference?

Lately, you’re constantly worried about life.

Sometimes, you sleep too much, and other times it feels impossible to get any rest with your thoughts endlessly racing.

You barely have any energy to do the things you once enjoyed, and you’re unsure why.

Everyone feels anxious or down sometimes.

But, it’s essential to be aware that these feelings, if severe and ongoing, can be a sign of a mental health condition.

Anxiety and depression are different conditions but commonly occur together and can feel similar in many ways; both take a toll on our lives and disrupt our ability to function.

To find a way forward, it’s essential to recognize why you’re feeling this way and develop the skills to manage your emotions.

446732614Let’s work together.

At HCW, we can help. Our therapists are fully equipped to support you in understanding your anxiety and depression.

We’ll help you gain a clearer lens and see things from a different perspective so you can regain your power and purpose.

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