Michelle Cortez, LCSW

Michelle2How I Work

I assist women who are struggling with their self-acceptance, self-worth, and personal relationship with themselves and others.

My approach to therapy is to help women align their understanding of themselves, what they want, and what they need to achieve balance in their life.

Focusing on building up the confidence in each of my clients allows them to start to view themselves as experts in their own lives and begin living how they want to live.

My Background

My work in mental health began with assisting others in achieving wellness and balance in their emotional and mental well-being.

I have assisted individuals in navigating through depression, anxiety, identity, and women’s issues. I have provided support and guidance to women in different phases of life and with different cultural backgrounds.

About My Practice

I utilize varying interventions tailored to each client to progress toward their stated goals and achieve better emotional health.

My main goal is for women to develop a better awareness of their own needs and their role in creating the life they want.

I enjoy helping women see their potential and become the expert in their lives.