Bilingual Therapy in Spanish/English

221319616Knowing more than one language can be a great benefit.

However, the language we speak may be different from the one we use to think and express ourselves.

There may be times when you’re speaking one language, and forget a specific word, so you say it in the language that you thought it. Or maybe you’re trying to express yourself, but the phrase just doesn’t translate correctly.

Communicating our emotions is never easy, so being able to say it in the language you are most comfortable with can be a huge relief.

We encourage you to be your most authentic self.

Here at HCW, we have skilled and experienced bilingual therapists who can support you along your journey in the language in which you feel most comfortable.

Whether that be English, Spanish, or a bit of Spanglish, we can do it all.

Therapy is about being vulnerable, transparent, and honest with yourself, so let’s not let language become a barrier.