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Worrying about the “what-ifs?”

What if I’m not meant to be with someone?

What if this is all I have to offer?

What if we do all this work and my partner cheats again?

What if I won’t be able to attach to my baby?

What if my anxiety and depression are affecting my baby?

What if I am not enough?

Restless Nights & Absent-minded Days

Sleep is hard to come by. Night after night, you find yourself scrolling your phone or watching a movie.

During the day, you have trouble concentrating on simple tasks. A well-meaning call from your aunt ended with you snapping at her about plans for your niece’s birthday party.

The tears start to fall as you get off the phone. The question, “What’s wrong with me?!” reverberates in your mind.

Everyone else’s needs come before your own.

It feels like the “right thing” to prioritize other people over yourself, but resentment has begun to build, which, in turn, brings guilt.

You wish you could take some time for yourself and reach out for help, but you don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable.

As a result, you never feel comfortable sharing what’s really on your mind.

It’s isolating to live this way.

Sometimes ,you want to just take a day off from everything, to not think or answer to anyone. You feel so alone and misunderstood, as though you’re the only one struggling.

These suspicions are only confirmed by seeing the people around you are getting through life with such ease.

So, you withdraw even further, disconnected from the world, numb to stimulus, constantly building barriers between yourself and everything else.

These problems are affecting every aspect of your life.

Your relationships with the people around you are strained and hollow.

Worse still is your relationship with yourself. Filled with constant criticism and negative reinforcement.

You can feel your body breaking down from the tension, neglect, and lack of self-care.

Something has to change.

You know that if you continue along this path, things will only keep deteriorating.

Day after day, you feel more trapped in vicious and destructive cycles of thoughts and behaviors.

And you’re beginning to realize that this anxiety and self-doubt may be symptoms of something much larger that requires your attention.

There is another way.

Confronting your problems is never easy, but you don’t have to do this alone.

Change is possible with the proper guidance, support, and encouragement.

You deserve to have someone to walk with you every step of the way on this healing journey.


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